"No one knows everything about computers, but we all know something that we can share with others"

    We have been serving Pierce County and the Tacoma community since 1984.
    We specialize in Helping people with their computers and problems they may have with them.

    Working with others with like interests is what the TAPCUG Club is all about.
    Our friendly members are here to answer any questions or problems you may have.

    Browse our Web Site for more information about TAPCUG.
    If you have any questions or would like to speak with a TAPCUG Member we suggest that you attend one of our Monthly General Meetings, which are  held on the Second Saturday of each month at 09:30 am, at the Lakewood  Community Center, see Map at the bottom of the page, and more information in our Information Areas off the menu.

Monthly General Meetings

Next General Meeting

Second Saturday of each month at 9:30 AM
Lakewood Community Center
9112 Lakewood Drive SW
See Map at Bottom of this page

Saturday March 11th at 9:30 AM
Demo This Month : Working with Skype
Demonstrator : Dave SNUFFY Smith
Raffle will follow the General Meeting


TAPCUG Membership:

    Membership is open to any interested individual or family, and an application can be printed out by downloading the form on the Information Page. Interested individuals may attend a meeting of TAPCUG as a guest to check out the club and then join right there or by downloading the PDF form off the  Information page and print and fill out the PDF form as the instructions on the Information page explains.

Our Monthly Newsletter:

    TAPCUG publishes a newsletter each month titled The Data Line. Our Newsletter publication editor is Maggie Smith, and the Newsletter contains important information about our organization. It also includes many important hints and suggestions to help you with computer problems, and much more.

    You can view a current copy of the Data Line here on the site by clicking the Newsletter link on the Menu. We also make the newsletter available in PDF Format, which you will find a copy on the Newsletter page. You can also download the latest monthly PDF version on the Newsletter page at the bottom of that page. The Editor also emails a PDF copy of the Newsletter to all Paid Members who have supplied a working E-Mail address to send it to on about the first of the month.

Use The Meetings Button for when our General Meetings, Labs, and SIGs,
(Special Interest Groups), are held:

    Use the club Meetings button to check the dates and times of our meetings, to include all SIG's
    (Special Interest Groups), and the TAPCUG Monthly General Meeting and Labs.

Use the Links Button on the menu to check out some Interesting Links:

    The Links button has links to informational sites, and sites of programs that we have had presentations on at our monthly meetings. And if you have a site you think the Club Members would like, be sure to submit the link and a short description to the Webmaster.

Our Contacting Us:

    Our Contacts Is not the usual type contacts you find on sites, as we are using it to show and describe how to setup Skype, and with that you can contact Family and Friends and or just help each other with computer problems without having to travel, or just visit with family and friends. We would love to get the full membership set to use Skype and then we can do just that as a group, Just Skype, and have FUN!


Our Scheduled Meetings:

      (Note: For more information on the meetings,
      check the Information,and Newsletter, Buttons off the Menu)





General Meeting
2nd. Saturday
of the Month at

Weekly Open Labs
Club Instructors
Every Thursday
at 3 to 5 pm and
Fridays at 10 am

New Users SIG
Paul Braget
2nd. Thursday at

Beginning OS SIG
John Wickliffe
4th. Tuesday at


TAPCUG is a proud member of APCUG, (Association of Personal Computer Users Group), and over the years we have received a few or their awards to our club and members.

Awards presented to members for 2015:



From APCUG: Award for Volunteer of the Year and Newsletter Area participation for all the hats that Maggie  wears over the 18 years of Service she has been a member of the club.

Maggie's' HATS
1. Data Line Newsletter Editor
2. Membership Data Base keeper
3. Board of Directors
4. Open Lab Instructor
5. Home Visits to members for with computer problems.
6. And several other hats, she also loves Hats.

      Pictured are left to right:
      Rosalie Westerberg, Secretary
      Maggie B. Smith, Editor
      Paul Braget, Club President

From APCUG: Award for participation in the APCUG Web Site Contest for 2015.

Dave 'SNUFFY' Smith is Webmaster of our web site. I had first taken on as the Webmaster of the club site in about 1998, and took a  break for a while, and took it back on in 2012. This 2017 version is my  second revision since back at the computer this time. I enjoy working / playing on the computer and am self taught not school trained on what I do, I design all the graphics and layout you see here, and it keeps  me out of trouble and busy.

      Pictured are left to right:
      Rosalie Westerberg, Secretary
      Dave 'SNUFFY' Smith, Webmaster
      Paul Braget, Club President


Click Maggie's Picture to read the write up posted for Maggie's' Devotion to TAPCUG

APCUG has awarded TAPCUG:

    3rd. Place Medium Size Group Website Awards for, 2004 and 2005.
    We are Proud to accept these Awards on behalf of our Members who make our club what it is today.




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3rd. Place 2004

3rd. Place 2005

This is a map of where the General Meetings and most of our SIG’s are held,
(check the SIG’s Page for locations)


Tacoma Area PC Users Group Mailing Address:
PO Box 99824, Lakewood, WA 98496

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