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April 2019 ---- Welcome!

Be sure to make it to the General Meeting, Sat. March 9, 9:30 a.m.

TAPCUG membership is open to any interested individual or family.
An application can be printed out by clicking the Club Information button in the Menu above. Interested individuals may attend a meeting of TAPCUG as a guest at anytime to determine if they would like to join. New members may print and fill out the Application from the site and bring the application form to the next meeting they attend, or obtain a form at the meeting and fill it out then.

TAPCUG publishes a newsletter each month titled The Data Line.
The publication, edited and published by Maggie Smith, contains important information about our organization but also includes many important hints and suggestions to help you with computer problems.

You can view a current copy of The Data Line on this web site by clicking the Newsletter button on the Menu above. We also make the newsletter available in PDF Format, which you will find within the On-Line Data Line.

Use the Calendar button to check the dates and times of our meetings, to include all SIG's and the Monthly General Meeting.

The Links button has links to information sites and sites of programs that have been presented at meetings.

TAPCUG is a proud member of APCUG

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TAPCUG Web Site has been awarded for the second year in a row the awards you see in the right hand column from APCUG, for 3rd. Place Medium size Groups.

We are Proud to accept these Awards on behalf of all the Members of TAPCUG, who make our club what it is today.

This Months Meeting

   Saturday April 13, 9:30 am
Lakewood Community Center

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presentation by John Wickliffe

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