These are the 2014 Photo Contest Winners

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Abstract Category 2014 Winner : Barbara Jackson
I just woke up this morning and looked out the back door while waiting  for my first cup of tea to get hot and seen that we had a visitor in the back yard shortly before I woke. So I was moved to take this shot of our little silent visitor that passed through in the night.


Animals Category 2014 Winner : Khadijah Nusrat (Debbie)
I found this laying on the ground at night time one night while on the  job and thought it was a white trash bag at first, but as I reached to pick it up to dispose of it in a trash can, and IT MOVED! Then I realized what it was and had to rescue it from what ever might eat it for a snack as it was so small it fit in the palm of my hand.


Flowers and Plants Category 2014 Winner : Khadijah Nusrat (Debbie)
I found this beauty while walking around my Job Site one day and just had to take this shot. I am still not exactly sure what type of flower this is but it is so pure and white and Angelic. I am glad I took the time to admire it and get this shot.


Landscapes Category 2014 Winner : Khadijah Nusrat (Debbie)
This is one of those spare of the moment shots, as a fellow worker and I were talking and all of a sudden they said Oh My God! look at that sun set. And when I looked up my automatic response was to reach for my Cell Phone and I got this shot.


People Category 2014 Winner : Richard Beatty
Here is my photo of The Vet. I took this image while in Las Vegas.
I was on a pedestrian bridge and he was just standing there. He had an interesting face, so I shot lots, using a mono-pod and the bridge railing as support. I  don't believe he was aware of me as I took many images. Richard Beatty.


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