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One of the best ways to keep in contact with Family and Friends is by using Skype.


      This Fast, Easy, Friendly, setup will have you up and running in less than  10 minutes for most systems. Follow the steps listed below which are the steps you will follow when you click the link listed here. Click this  link to get started or follow the steps as shown below to get you ready  to click the link and get started.

You can go through the steps listed below,
or click this link and just follow the steps it will walk you through the setups shown below.

Start your SKYPE Setup Here


      The first screen you will get when clicking the link above will be this, If you are setting up on your Computer then you should pick the Computer  like shown at the top left of the screen.

      Then You want to click the Blue Get Skype for Windows to start the download of your new FREE Communications Skype Program.





You should get a downloading window something like shown on the right here, depending on how or where you have your system set to save¬  downloads  to.

When you click and Save the SkypeSetup.exe file should save where your system is set to save files to.



This is the screen you get showing the 3 steps to setup your Skype for Windows.

The step above is the same step as step 2 shown here,
and then step 3 which is where the setup will go through the setup and
ask you a few questions while installing.

Then it will initialize and start your Skype for the first time.




I have my system set in my Browser to save to a folder on my desktop and save all downloads into that folder.
After I download a file I go to my Download Folder and see this listing for my downloaded file:




This is what MY Skype screen looks like when started.

Now you want to use the menu across the top starting with the Contacts, and add contacts if you already have a few that you know their Skype user  name. Or you can search for friends and let Skype show you a list to  pick out your friends if they already have a Skype¬  account you should  see them listed and pick them off the search list.

If you get this far and need some help add me as a contact with the user name of dave.snuffy.smith and send me an invite and I will except then we can start a video chat  and walk through any problems you may be having, or ask me questions and I'll answer them as best as I can.

Thanks! Dave Snuffy Smith
Webmaster TAPCUG




    If you already have Skype set up and use it and would like to add members of the TAPCUG Members SKYPE List to your Contacts,
    or after you follow the steps above and get Skype setup on your system and want to add TAPCUG Members SKYPE List to your Contacts.

    Send Me, Dave Smith, the Webmaster at TAPCUG an E-Mail with the email link below and :

    1. Send me your New Skype Contact name to be added to the TAPCUG Members SKYPE List.
    2. Request a copy of the TAPCUG Members SKYPE List so you can add them to your Skype Contacts.

    Please when E-mailing me, be sure to let me know to add you, or send you a copy of the, TAPCUG Members SKYPE List or BOTH.
    And I will add your information and use the email address you send your  information to me to reply back to you with the updated list.
    I also will maintain the TAPCUG Members SKYPE List and send a new copy of updates to all that are on the list as it is updated.

    Use this to send your information and / or request a copy of the TAPCUG Members SKYPE List:

      note: Only I will have control of this list and promise I will not share the  information with anyone except Paid In Full Club Members that request  it.


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