Members Photos

    This is the Club Members Photo Sharing Area.

    This page is for YOU the members to show off some of your photos to the members of the club.

    Some Rules For Submitting Your Photos:

      1. All you need to do is send your pictures attached to an e-Mail to the Webmaster
      2. Do to space and bandwidth we are going to set a limit of six pictures per member per month.
      3. I also need either a text file attached with the description of each picture submitted in the email.


Our first set of photos sent in by Maggie Smith our Newsletter Editor:

    1. This is a whale skull about two blocks from where my sons live taken with my cell phone,
    in Girdwood Alaska, Sep. 2014.

    2. The 1964 Alaskan earthquake flooded this area, the ocean's salt content killed the trees,
    but the salt also preserved the trees.

    3. This tells about the dead trees.

    4. Here you see tidal marsh where a flourishing forest once stood.

    5. This is a close up of one of these spruce trunks as witnesses to the tectonic event.

  • Click the Thumbnails to see the pictures Full size.







    The above display shows how groups of photos will be presented, you can see the information on them and get a full view of all pictures by clicking on the Thumbnails to open a full view of the photos.

    So  gather your set of photos along with their descriptions and get them  sent to me as described in the Rules at the top of this page.

    The Club tries to hold a photo contest between the members of the club each year, and judged at the Annual Christmas Pot-Luck Meeting. The results are then published here in the January Update of the site.
    Below is the results of those Photo Contests to date.

For Our Annual Photo Contest Results to date use the links off the Photos on the Menu at the top of the page.


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